Arbitration & Mediation Rules

Arbitration Rules

To commence arbitration proceedings under the GIMAC Arbitration Rules, 2021, the parties shall be taken to have agreed that the arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the following Rules -

The GIMAC Arbitration Rules, 2021, are drawn up after deliberations with various senior industry professionals practicing admiralty & maritime law and/or associated with various premier arbitral institutions.

Features of the GIMAC Arbitration Rules, 2021

Mediation Rules

Mediation is a voluntary, binding process in which an impartial and neutral mediator facilitates disputing parties in reaching a settlement.

The GIMAC Mediation Rules, 2021 are a set of procedural rules encompassing different aspects of the process of Mediation to aid parties in resolving both international and domestic disputes.

A fusion of arbitration and mediation called Arbitration-Mediation-Arbitration ("Arb-Med-Arb”) is also available allowing parties to commence arbitration proceedings, followed by mediation to attempt an amicable resolution, followed by continuation of arbitration proceedings if mediation was unsuccessful.